Where to buy face masks in FXBG

Governor Northam Announces Face Covering Requirement and Workplace Safety Regulations

Face coverings required in public settings starting Friday, May 29

A face covering includes anything that covers your nose and mouth, such as a mask, scarf, or bandana. Medical-grade masks and personal protective equipment should be reserved for health care professionals. Under the Governor’s executive order, any person age ten and older must wear a mask or face covering at all times while entering, exiting, traveling through, and spending time in the following public settings:

  • Personal care and grooming businesses
  • Essential and non-essential brick and mortar retail including grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Food and beverage establishments
  • Entertainment or public amusement establishments when permitted to open
  • Train stations, bus stations, and on intrastate public transportation, including in waiting or congregating areas
  • State and local government buildings and areas where the public accesses services
  • Any indoor space shared by groups of people who may congregate within six feet of one another or who are in close proximity to each other for more than ten minutes

Exemptions to these guidelines include while eating and drinking at a food and beverage establishment; individuals who are exercising; children under the age of two; a person seeking to communicate with a hearing-impaired person, for which the mouth needs to be visible; and anyone with a health condition that keeps them from wearing a face covering. Children over the age of two are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering to the extent possible.

The full text of Executive Order Sixty-Three and Order of Public Health Emergency Five is available here.

Anyone with questions or concerns about face covering enforcement can contact the Rappahannock Area Health District office at 540-899-4797.

List of FXBG Stores/Shops where masks can be purchased

Know a place that we can add to the list? Let us know here

Alan Furs
804 Caroline St | 540-373-8833 | Facebook
Mask website
Alan Furs has partnered with Cheryl Fornash Jewelers on a nonprofit mask project. For every mask order a KN95 mask is donated to a local hospital. Special pricing for businesses.

Angel Rides Inc
607 Jefferson Davis Hwy Ste | 540-373-5540
[email protected]

The Card Cellar
915 Caroline St | 540-891-9549 | Facebook

Crown Trophy Fredericksburg
810 Westwood Office Park | 540-374-8118 | Facebook

900 Caroline St | Facebook

Fredericksburg Visitor Center
706 Caroline St | Order here

Freedom Society
1015 Caroline St | Website | Facebook

Goolrick’s Modern Pharmacy
901 Caroline St | 540-373-9878 | Website
Boxes of 50 only.

J&Zs Boutique
1013 Caroline St | 540-373-4908 | Facebook

Kimman’s Co.
820 Caroline St | 540-310-4800 | Facebook

Lady Legacy
723 Caroline St | 540-899-8077 | Facebook

Latitudes Fair Trade Store
800 Caroline St | 540-370-8778 | Website | Facebook

Monkee’s of Fredericksburg
827 Caroline St | 540-368-2111 | Facebook

The ReRun Shop
1017 Caroline St | 540-371-7221 | Facebook

Shoppes of Caroline
914 Caroline St | 540-371-4454 | Facebook

Studio Dior Hair Salon
1111 Caroline St | 540-621-2820 | Facebook

1021 Caroline St | 540-809-0899 | Facebook